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Ok, few words about this amazing group full of musical talent, attitude, smile and pain and good looks, yeah. Karkkiautomaatti (=Candy Machine in modern language) is part of Finnish music scene and the healthiest part of it. The band was born in 1993 as a Undertones/Buzzcocks/etc. -influenced punk band, but on it's weird career the style has - not only changed - but got more interesting. Karkkiautomaatti has been doing all the different musical things, from instrumental garagesurf to Money Mark-ish easy weirdo-groove, sometimes hitting the same melancholic heights what Kent and Radiohead are doing these days.

The band sings in Finnish, which may sound funny to someone?s ears, but who cares. The 2 gigs in Denmark on spring of ?97 proved that language doesn?t matter at all. Everyone was dancing, smiling and having good time like all the people in Finland, who understand the lyrics. Music is an international language and that?s all.

April 1998 is the month when future is changing with Karkkiautomaatti. The 3rd album "Suudelmilla" (="With Kisses") comes out and the 14 tracks on the album will show all the sides of the band. From dancegroove to beautiful ballads, from futuristic instrumentals to 60?s pop hits. And all originals!
2CD / TWINCD 78, 2006