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In 1989, also Finns learned to know Villu Tamme, the captivating Estonian who had a lot to say about the subdued situation of his country with biting and powerful punk chords. The album Kylmälle Maalle and the hit Tere Perestroika were actually the start of Stupido as well. A lot of time has passed since then, but Villu still stays as a performing artist. A bit like Pelle Miljoona, he perhaps reached the highest heights of popularity during his earlier days, but still has a lot on his heart.

The co-operation between Stupido and Villu has already lasted for seven albums and a compilation CD, and all but two of them are still available. The current line-up of J.M.K.E. instead does not include any other original members than Villu himself, but even two girls - Tirts and Promille Promille.



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New albums from Treeball and J.M.K.E (23.08.2002)
TWIN 166
LP/Digi 13.5. / TWINCD 166, 2016
Külmale maale - 20 years edition CD, 2011
Jasonit ei huvita CD, 2011
Mälestusi NSV:st CD, 2006
Ainult Planeelt CD, 2002
Õhtumaa Viimased Tunnid CD, 2000
Jäneste Invaasioon CD, 1996
Sputniks in Pectopah CD, 1995
Gringode kultuur CD/MC/LP, 1993
Maailmalopp koju kätte 7" EP, 1993
Savistsaar 12" EP, 1991
Pieni mies, iso tuoppi 7" EP, 1990
Külmale maale CD/MC/LP, 1989
Tere Perestroika 7" EP, 1989