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The Finnish synthy group Aavikko (Desert) was set up almost 15 years ago and now enjoys a remarkable prestige with audiences in both Finland and abroad. Their fourth album, “Novo Atlantis”, continues Aavikko’s fascinating excursions into the world of futuristic tunes.

With the help of varied and significant aspects of electronic music, the group presents dance tunes played with analog synthesizer equipment and acoustic drums, as well as Latin grammar evoking the legendary deeds of ancient history - both
differentiated as regards to genre and regional-specific traits.

As a studio-oriented group, Aavikko can form and create different types of compositions to their full extent only on recordings. With great concentration and patience and by virtue of having a wealth of musical ideas to draw on, Aavikko has created an album that attains a more satisfying sound, widens their expressive means and shapes its own model of music in the world of our time.



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