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The portents are not all good here. I mean, really,
what is the point of checking out another band
that draws on post-punk from 30 years ago
in 2011, seeing as how we've been inundated
with much of the same over the past years?

Maybe your ears need a rest from all those
stadium-sized choruses.
None of today's well-known time travelers
seem inclined to make scary music based
on this tradition. We live in such a user-friendly,
consumer-centric world now.

Shotgun Club is some uneasy stuff. It's minimalist
and stark, offering no easy walls of sound for ears
to climb. The washes of reverb are unsettlingly
stark, not comforting. This is a dark, dark dub and
primitive music. Repetitious and insistent. Instead
of the new car smell, you get the smell of an
underground parking garage, with the the echoing
footsteps of someone following you in the dark
thrown in for good measure.
Shotgun Club will sneak up on you.



For booking, contact (finland) (outseas).

No gigs as of right now.
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