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Boomhauer, the mongrel seed of trashy garage rock, blues, country, punk and indiepop from Turku, Finland, turned 10 last year. The angst-free trio, fronted by the peculiar singer-songwriter Saku Krappala, has been stubbornly working on its homespun and minimalistic, yet varied music on four vinyl EPs ja two full-length albums (Wild Human Condition, 2003 and Me Think OK, 2005).

Boomhauer is best known for its live performances. At the gigs the band’s spastic stop’n’go tactics, crooked and furious rock, sweaty energy and Krappala’s distorted sense of humour blend to create a hysterical feelgood show, aiming to entertain. The band has toured barrooms, clubs, festivals and the shadiest of hellholes extensively thoughout the years, in Finland, the UK, Germany, Norway, The Baltic states, Japan, Switzerland, Denmark etc.

Krappala’s short songs deal with the big and small things of life: love, loss, food, traveling, farm animals and lost weekends. The songs combine his native Finnish rural environments and the philosophy of comic relief with his musical preferences: the mythology of the blues, the simple melodicism and rhythm of country and pop, and the grimy DIY aesthetics of garage rock.

River Run Deep is Boomhauer’s third full-length album on which the numerous influences are nicely balanced and the previously less audible darker and bluesier tones make a stylish entrance.



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