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Aino Venna´s single "Suzette" was selected as a official summer hit 2012 in Radio Helsinki.
The new debut albun "Marlene" will be released at 26.10.

As for the music, Venna flirts with chanson and old rock ‘n’ roll, as well as alludes to Italo pop and melodious phrasing. The lyrics derive from a past time, literature and film. “The album was named after Marlene Dietrich and the themes circle around love and the feeling of being the odd one out. Love is always current, and man is always in solitude. Love can be cruel, it can insist on everything without giving in return. This contradiction gives a melancholic feel to the album, without it being dead solemn. The worlds within the songs are raw, but still sincerely thrive for something beautiful. In every one of us there is a hand reaching out for human contact, even if in it’s the form of a slap” states Aino Venna.



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New releases from Stupido! (16.10.2012)
TWIN 172
CD/LP/DIGI 18.11. / TWINCD 172, 2016
Telephone Digi 17.2., 2016
Murder Island Digi, 2016
Joulupukki suukon sai Digi, 2016
Other Girls Digi, 2015
They Have Escaped Digi, 2015
Natas e manteiga digi 4.11., 2015
Joulumaa digi, 2015
Women on Horizon CDS Promo, 2014
Kesäyö CDS *julkaisu 4.6.2014*, 2014
Tin Roof CD *julkaisu 7.11.*, 2014
Tin Roof Digi, 2014
Marlene (german) Digi, 2014
I Forgot You Digi, 2014
Radio ma cherie CDS *23.10.2013*, 2013
Suzette (CDS), 2012
Marlene CD, 2012