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The leading rock magazine in Finland, Soundi, once branded Eläkeläiset as a disposable joke act. However, they are already in their second decade and have toured around the world (well, at least Germany) many times.

Apparently humppa ("oompah"), booze and old age seem to be an irresistible combination - for the people of the Northern hemisphere, at least. The back catalogue includes seven studio albums, two live records, a double CD compilation and a DVD.
Still, many claim that Eläkeläiset are at their best when they are a bit drunk, half-naked and in front of an enthused (German) audience. You can forget the beautiful idea of "growing old with dignity" here!
And if you didn't already know, Eläkeläiset mainly play covers of famous pop- and rock-classics spiced with lyrics about the joys and sorrows of the aged, coffee and alcohol, grannies and mopeds.



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