Stupido Records

HISTORY 1989-2006


Stupido records is a Finnish indie label, founded in 1988; since then our empire has grown to include a record shop, a mail order service and a publishing company.

Initially, we called ourselves Stupido Twins and signed bands from our neighbouring country, the tiny Estonia (J.M.K.E., Röövel Ööbik), which was, at the time, still a part of the former Soviet Union, 'cause we were rather impressed by the courage of the Estonians who had been fighting the Russian oppression for nearly 50 years.

Our first 7" -release, "Tere Perestroika" by J.M.K.E. hit the nerve of the day and shot to the Top 10 both in Finland & Estonia. This success made us realise that we should put out an album by J.M.K.E. The release of Kylmäle Maale - To The Cold Country was the actual cornerstone of our label.

The J.M.K.E. album charted too, and it soon dawned on to the Finnish bands that there was a new, potential label around.

One of the first Finnish bands we signed was Waltari, even at that stage a very promising crossover metal group, who went on to search – and find – international success after doing one album (Monk Punk) and a couple of singles for our label. Later on, we released two compilation of their early stuff in co-operation with the band.

Happy-go-lucky punk trio called Klamydia remain our most commercially successful act - though they left after two albums to set up their own label Kråklund Records. There has also been a bunch of other acts who have simply called it a day.

Among the missed were for example Estonian Röövel Ööbik, a hypnotic foursome well ahead it´s time, who combined indie-guitars and dance-elements. They got a John Peel session, but never the success they deserved.

We soon realised we had one of the biggest independent labels in Finland in our hands. In 1993, Stupido Twins founded a sister label in order to avoid confusion about the musical direction of the original label. Stupido Twins was left to what it was best known for: releasing punk/noisy guitar influenced stuff.

The new label, ironically called Twin Hits Records, was set up to release music which was too "poppy, strange or Finnish" for Stupido Twins. Typically enough, the irony kicked back and we moved Twin Hits to a backburner after too many critically acclaimed flops.

New commercially viable talent luckily appeared in the form of Eläkeläiset (a Kumikameli offshoot) who -- with their drunken oompah-show -- are one of the strangest international success stories ever...and still going strong in 2007 despite their sabbatical year.

In 1995, we expanded the business by opening our own Stupido-Shop in our home-town Helsinki.

Stupido-Shop is specialized in good music from any part of the world and from any genre. In ten years it has achieved a solid position amongst the record shops in Helsinki and thanks to the Internet, regular customers can be found all over the world.

Stupido-Shop Turku, our branch in the mid 2000's, remained as an experiment for a few years, just like Twin Hits. Nevertheless, we have served as an online shop constantly since 1995.

On the record label side, in the late 90's our roster were joined by one of our artistically highest level bands ever, The Hypnomen, who have recorded a superb set of five albums for Stupido.

Some others seemed to be eternally promising (Come Inside) or take off after one album (Thee Ultra Bimboos).

Luckily there's a lot of fish in the sea of Finnish music talents, so the same names (Elškelšiset, Kumikameli, J.M.K.E.) will not occur too often on the list.

Giant Robot joined us in 2003 with their lively rap/hip hop elements and a bit later, Aavikko brought their own piquant flavour.

On the other hand, rawk 'n' roll trio Boomhauer flags for guitar bands together with Evilsons, who approach the subject from a punky reggae perspective and the indie pop group Montevideo.

And of course, there has to be some nostalgy in the almost 20 years of Stupido Records. In our case, it is provided by the godfather of Finnish punk, Pelle Miljoona with his bands Rockers and 1980.

The end of 2006 saw Stupido-Shop moving to brand new premises in Helsinki.


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1989: Villu Tamme / J.M.K.E.

1989: Röövel Ööbik

1991: Waltari

1991: Klamydia

1993: Eläkeläiset

1997: Come Inside

1998: The Duplo!