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Rock My Soul

The Valkyrians took a step out of the comfort zone, bringing influences outside from ska, rocksteady and reggae. New songs have been influenced by soul, funk and even Manchester pop - not forgetting the rock'n'roll! The new album 04/17/2015

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Aino Venna´s second studio album, Tin Roof will be published on 07.11.2014. With this new album the band will continue it´s journey deeper into the world of smoky coffee houses and forgotten cellar clubs. The band makes the album release tour at restaurant Kapsäkki 8 - 10.11.2014

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New solo single and a statue for Pelle!

Finally the city of Hamina has agreed to put up a statue for Pelle Miljoona. Hamina is also a hometown of Pelle Miljoona alias Petri Tiili. New single "Onnen avain" was released on the same day as the statue was revealed. Pepe Husu, the trusted harmonica player of Veikko Lavi makes a guest appearance on the single.

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Stupido at Lost in Music

Stupido Records & Booking will arrange still one Stupido 25 -showcase at Lost in Music-festival in Tampere. On 16.10. Katujen Äänet, The Splits, Hopeajärvi and Nyrkkitappelu  will perform at the Student House.
R.I.P Stupido-Shop 1995-2014

Unfortunately our dear colleagues at Stupido-Shop Record Store had to close down their store due to economical difficulties. The business at Stupido Records & Booking will go on as usual. We might open a web-shop for our own products later on - watch this space!
Stupido 25 at Tallinn Music Week

Tänä, Tänään, Today!

Stupido 25 at Von Krahl bar

20.00 Hypnomen (FIN)
21.30 The Valkyrians (FIN)
23:00 Pää Kii (FIN)

Von Krahl Theatre

20.45 J.M.K.E
22.15 Kosmikud & Kauko Röyhkä
23.45 Röövel Ööbik
Stupido Records nominated for the indielabel of the year

Stupido Reords is once again nominated to be the Indielabel of the year in Finland. The prize will be decided at Musiikki&Media in Tampere 17. - 19.10.
Lama finally in Brazil

Legandary Finnish punks Lama toured Brazil with a success in April. Three shows were not enough, there will be more co-operation coming up with our brazilian friends!
New releases from Stupido!

Debut by Stockers: We Are The Numbers out Oct 19th, an another debut by Aino Venna: Marlene out, Oct 26th. Silent Scream: Public Execution out Nov. 16th. Pää kii: Pää kii out Nov 16th.
New Album by the mighty Eläkeläiset!

...Humppasheikkailu in stores now! 12. - 28.4. tour in GER-AUT-HOL, Russia in May.
a25th Anniversary Album by Waltari

Covers All, the 25th anniversary album by metalheadz Waltari is in the shops now. Will be released in Central Europe by Nordic Notes and by King Records in Japan! Local Like Kustannus has also published a book about the band, called Waltari - the metal pioneers of Finland.


15.02.2019 Semifinal, Helsinki
Astrid Swan
13.03.2019 G Live Lab, Helsinki
26.04.2019 Quarelle, Helsinki
15.02.2019 Semifinal, Helsinki
16.02.2019 La Barre, Joensuu
Color Dolor
16.02.2019 On The Rocks, Helsinki
27.04.2019 Quarelle, Helsinki
Donna & The Dynamiters
26.01.2019 Suvilahti TBA, Helsinki
20.03.2019 Telakka, Tampere
Eero Raittinen & Knucklebone Blues Band
02.02.2019 Vernissa, Vantaa
13.04.2019 Aulanko Areena, Hämeenlinna
Henna Emilia & Houreet
02.02.2019 Bar Loose, Helsinki
15.02.2019 Merry Monk, Pori
22.02.2019 Telakka, Tampere
23.02.2019 TVO, Turku
Honey B & T-Bones
22.03.2019 Klubi, Tampere
Honey B. Family
02.02.2019 Tuba, Oulu
10.03.2019 Pato Klubi, Kuusankoski, Kouvola
13.04.2019 Aulanko Areena, Hämeenlinna
02.02.2019 Femma-Gaala. Mössö, Lahti
22.02.2019 Ale-pub, Hyvinkää
09.03.2019 TBA, TBA
15.03.2019 TBA, TBA
16.03.2019 TBA, TBA
05.04.2019 TBA, TBA
06.04.2019 TBA, TBA
13.04.2019 TBA, TBA
18.04.2019 Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki
20.04.2019 TBA , TBA
14.02.2019 Lutakko, Jyväskylä
15.02.2019 Olympia, Tampere
16.02.2019 Virgin Oli, Helsinki
23.02.2019 Klubi, Tampere
25.05.2019 BaariBaari, Turku
Jo Buddys Trio Riot
08.03.2019 The Doo-Bop Club, Vaasa
09.03.2019 Ykän Pub, Oulu
Knucklebone Oscar
08.02.2019 Telakka, Tampere
03.05.2019 Pub Juoma, Jyväskylä
04.05.2019 Sherwood, Jyväskylä
23.02.2019 Klubi, Tampere
26.04.2019 HVNK PNKRCK, MDNGT bar & club, Hyvinkää
Lepolan Akka & Kulkutauti
01.02.2019 Mascot Bar, Helsinki
10.03.2019 Pato Klubi, Kuusankoski, Kouvola
13.04.2019 Aulanko Areena, Hämeenlinna
17.04.2019 Telakka, Tampere
Mara Balls
02.02.2019 Juttutupa, Helsinki
16.02.2019 Pikku-Torre, Turku
02.03.2019 One Pint Pub, Helsinki
13.04.2019 Aulanko Areena, Hämeenlinna
20.04.2019 Ykän Pub, Oulu
Marjo Leinonen & Bublicans
24.01.2019 Henrys Pub, Helsinki
24.01.2019 Henrys Pub, Helsinki
Nolla Nolla Nolla
23.03.2019 BaariBaari, Turku
16.02.2019 Aulanko Areena, Hämeenlinna
26.01.2019 Suvilahti TBA, Helsinki
08.03.2019 Korjaamo, Vintti, Helsinki
22.03.2019 Klubi, Tampere
22.05.2019 Telakka, Tampere
Pelle Miljoona United
23.03.2019 Yksityistilaisuus, Jyväskylä
29.03.2019 TBA, Tampere
30.03.2019 Bar-52 Helsinki,
12.04.2019 Maxim, Kuopio
13.04.2019 Club Venla, Nurmijärvi
19.04.2019 Hemingways, Jyväskylä
16.05.2019 Eckero Line, Helsinki
01.06.2019 Viking Xpres, Hki
14.06.2019 TBA, Kuopio
21.06.2019 Koljonvirran kartano, Iisalmi
28.06.2019 TBA, Oulu
05.07.2019 TBA, Pori
06.07.2019 TBA, Kajaani
12.07.2019 TBA, Lahti
13.07.2019 TBA, Tampere
19.07.2019 TBA, Kouvola
26.07.2019 TBA, Rovaniemi
03.08.2019 TBA, Lappeenranta
10.08.2019 TBA, Jyväskylä
16.08.2019 TBA, Joensuu
21.09.2019 Bar Parooni, Loppi
16.02.2019 Elmun Baari, Helsinki
Pää Kii
25.01.2019 Ykän Pub, Oulu
26.01.2019 Rock House Kulma, Kajaani
02.02.2019 Stadium Live Club, Kokemäki
08.02.2019 Totem, Lappeenranta
09.02.2019 Henrys Pub, Kuopio
16.02.2019 Aulanko Areena, Hämeenlinna
22.02.2019 Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki
23.02.2019 Klubi, Tampere
02.03.2019 Korjaamo, Vaunusali, Helsinki
08.03.2019 Lutakko, Jyväskylä
15.03.2019 TVO, Turku
16.03.2019 TVO, Turku
22.03.2019 Kerubi, Joensuu
26.04.2019 HVNK PNKRCK, MDNGT bar & club, Hyvinkää
19.07.2019 Uusi Tampere 2019 -festivaali, Kuivaamo , Tampere
Saijaa Saijaa
15.02.2019 Merry Monk, Pori
Trubaduuri Tenho Olavi
01.02.2019 Sailors, Helsinki
06.07.2019 Ilovaarirock, Joensuu
22.02.2019 Katse, Jyväskylä
23.02.2019 Henrys Pub, Kuopio
19.10.2019 Bar Parooni, Loppi
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Pelle Miljoona Oy
Anna soihtusi palaa
CD/LP/DIGI 16.11.

Pää Kii
Jos huonoo onnee ei ois mul ei ois...
CD/LP/DIGI 19.10.

Kosto elää!
CD/LP/DIGI 02.11.

Lepolan Akka & Kulkutauti
Heinätori 3
CD/LP/DIGI 28.9.

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Stupido Records is one of the oldest and biggest totally independent record labels, est. 1989. Our empire has grown to include a record shop, Stupido-Shop, a mail-internet order service and a publishing company. Stupido Records offer an array of eclectic artists, covering garage rock to hip hop electronics, lo-fi pop to post punk sonic genius. This combination has established Stupido Records as the most credible, influential and important label to come out of Finland.

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