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CD (TWIN 90, 2007)

1. Poro Jukebox
2. Viinaa hanuristille
3. Humppaa Suomesta
4. Humpataan ja tanssataan
5. Humppakonehumppa
6. Humppaidiootti
7. Pulioukkkohumppa
8. Humppaneitsyt
9. Humppa raikaa
10. Kiitokset humpasta Jukebox
11. Täällähän on tanssit
12. Päivätanssit
13. Laakista humppa
14. Ranttalihumppa
15. Hävisin lotossa taas
16. Humppasonni
17. Vihaan humppaa
18. Syksy
19. Elän humpalla
20. Pöpi
21. Humppaa, saatanat!
22. Medley: Laki - HK - Enolla - Laki Jukebox


The infamous humppa-band Eläkeläiset were having a sabbatical year, but obviously we have to satisfy people's thirst for Humppa!

That's why a 75-minute long live-album which will testify the grandaddies' incredible condition on stage in 2006. Most of the recordings are from their sold out "farewell" -gig at Nosturi, Helsinki, but some from other ahows as well, including the infamous Seinäjoki gis which comes to an abrubt end with the lead figure Onni's arm breaking up live!

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