Stupido Records


CD (TWIN 88, 2007)

1. Läpinäidin kehtolaulu
2. Salli mun olla kultsi...
3. Oi kuu Jukebox
4. Havannah Gilah
5. Päivän työ
6. Näpit irti
7. Sydänsuruja
8. Aurinkolaiva
9. Pöhötorjuntaa
10. Jumala
11. Kansanlaulu
12. Adagio
13. Surumarssi


”This is the second title of this duo consisting of J.J.Calo (singing saw and complaints) and Mr.Pulp (pump organ, guitar, vocals, piano, saw, percussion) and a couple of guests on vocals, mouth harp, violin and slam. Title of this new album : “light metal music”, which refers to the saw, of course. Subtitle : “the great collection of Finnish depressions”, which is a collection of Finnish “losers”, alternated with funny, surprising humoristic, but never the less “depressed” remarks, and expressed dry as introductions for the songs and a few instrumentals (with words like the sad solo voice saying “another 2 beers”, or “one day I discovered the dark side of the moon” or “then my wife found another woman”). The songs hang together well and show a variety of emotions, accompanied by well played singing saw, with nicely arranged harmonies of a few other instruments, mostly pump organ and a bit of guitar, and a rhythm here and there. I can imagine with this collection how successful they can or could become on stage. I will pick out a few tracks with recognisable origin. “I wane be loved by you” is sung in Finnish, while pump organ, guitar and singing saw, are swinging extra hard with the few extra “bubelapup” vocal fantasies. With the theme of depressed fun, of course and no doubt, an instrumental like “Havannah Gilah” is not outplace. The singing saw plays here quite fast. “Sixteen Tons”, also in Swedish, has some extra, “certain” Latin rhythms. On “Näpit irti” it is the pump organ which is supper fast this time, like ska, while the singing saw sounds more romantic. A true romantic old time song like “Heartaches”, also sung in Finnish, is another fine choice to this collection. Very beautiful also is the inclusion of the melancholic “Adagio” (Albinoni) performed by singing saw and pump organ, -an absolutely convincing version. A great, recommended album. Where is Belgium on the tour list "”
Gerald Van Waes,

"Heh heh -pinnan alla kuulee syvällistä kauneutta, iltamamusiikkia peruutetuista iltamista... Yrjänä Sauros laulamassa Lapinäidin kehtolaulua hyvin hellästi, sahan ja harmoonin hymistetessä taustalla", Suonna Kononen/Karjalainen.

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